I Giorni dell’Ibisco (2009)

La Lepre Edizioni

Questi nove racconti arrivano direttamente al cuore del lettore. Aamer Hussein riesce a fondere con innocenza e immediatezza, filosofia e maturità, intelligenza e sensibilità, la dimensione intima e personale dei protagonisti con la realtà politica, il destino dei personaggi con le complesse vicende del mondo in cui essi vivono.

La scrittura, al tempo stesso delicata e potente, è ricca di immagini strane e originali, insolitamente moderne, eppure profondamente radicate nella tradizione e circondate da un alone di magia.L’universo cosmopolita di Hussein trascende categorie come “coloniale”, “postcoloniale” o “terzo mondo”. Di origini pakistane e formazione inglese, Hussein introduce la struttura, lo stile e le metafore della moderna letteratura Urdu in storie squisitamente inglesi, ambientate in numerose differenti realtà, dal Pakistan all’Inghilterra, dalla Spagna a Java.

This collection of nine stories speaks directly to the heart of the reader. Aamer Hussein succeeds in blending, with innocence and immediacy, philosophy and maturity, intelligence and sensibility, the intimate and personal dimension of the protagonists with the surrounding political reality, the destiny of the characters with the complex events of the world in which they live.

The writing, at once delicate and powerful, is rich in strange and original images, unusually so, and yet is deeply rooted in the tradition, surrounding you in a halo of magic. The cosmopolitan universe of Hussein transcends categories like “colonial”, “postcolonial” or “third world”. Of Pakistani descent and English background, Hussein introduces the structure, the style and the metaphors of modern Urdu literature in delightfully English stories, set in numerous different settings, from Pakistan to England, from Spain to Java.

Another Gulmohar Tree (2009)

Telegram Books (May 2009)

Usman is visiting post-war London from Pakistan when he meets a young aspiring artist called Lydia who has, like himself, come out ofo an unhappy marriage. Just as the lonely stragers’ friendship begins to blossom into something deeper Usman has to return to Karachi, leaving Lydia behind.

Two years later, Lydia impulsively abandons her life in London and boards a ship to Karachi, where the two are married. But as the years flit by Usman feels distanced from his life and realises that he hasn’t noticed the buds of the gulmohar tree unfurl.

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Insomnia (2007)

Telegram Books

An elusive Japanese girl leads a teenage boy into a world of passion and conflict; in Andalusia, a man talks to his painter friend about longing and belonging; a translator finds himself drawn into the personal and political turmoil of the poet he translates; a woman’s quiet world is eroded by the onset of war and the movement for independence and nationhood.

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Cactus Town (2003)

Oxford University Press

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Turquoise (2002)

Saqi Books

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This Other Salt (1999)

Saqi Books

Rereleased in 2005

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Mirror to the Sun (1993)

Mantra Lingua

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