Aamer Hussein was born in Karachi, Pakistan, in 1955, and moved to London in 1970. He is the author of five collections of short stories: Mirror to the Sun (1993), This Other Salt (1999), Turquoise (2002), Cactus Town: Selected Stories (2003) and Insomnia (2007). He is also the editor of Kahani: Short Stories by Pakistani women (2005). He reviews regularly for the Independent. His most recent work is a novella, Another Gulmohar Tree, which will be published in May 2009.

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Aamer Hussein is a master calligrapher, weaving delicately together the story-shaped ways we embrace loss, memory and intensities of place. His steady, intricate gaze is global, taking war and wounded politics as background to individual experience in Asia or England. —Ruth Padel


Another Gulmohar Tree — 2009

Insomnia — 2007

Cactus Town — 2003

Turquoise — 2002

This other salt — 1999*

Mirror to the Sun — 1993

*Republished in 2005